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Importance of Marketing

Marketing is a broad term that includes many activities such as: promotions, advertising, and sometimes public relations. The success of a business depends on the ability of the owner to market their products and services effectively and efficiently. Having a great product and excellent customer service is not enough for your business to be successful if your product is not known by many. Your marketing techniques and efforts are important to keep your business afloat.   Effect of Marketing in your Business Marketing lets the consumers know about your product and services.......

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The DO’s and DON'Ts of Marketing

Marketing is everything in today’s business world. You may have the best technology for your business, and the best employees, but if consumers don’t know that your business exists, then it would all be for nothing. The main reason why companies fail to execute their marketing techniques is that they do not know how to properly use content marketing and they also make major mistakes in their marketing strategies. Listed below are the do’s and don’ts that help you perfectly execute a promotional product campaign: DO’S: Keep your target market in mind.......

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Weekly meeting in companies Think Room

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