We try to put our money where our mouth is.

Sly Nerds prides itself on being a carbon-neutral company, as well as a proud 1% for the planet member. We believe that if we take care of our planet, our planet will take care of us in return.

Websites For Our Community


Starting in Q1 of 2022, we’re offering one free website per month to a¬†small startup or non-profit business in need of a digital presence.

We love our community,
we hope you love us back.

Inclusivity For All Demographics

No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you identify, we’re there if you need a friend or a hand.

Community Consciousness

Sly Nerds is conscious about the local community as well. We’ve founded the Non-Profit Organization, The Huntridge Project.

Free Swag & Giveaways

Want a hat? How about a shirt or a cool sticker? Just reach out today and we’ve got you covered!

Environmental Support

As 1% For The Planet members, we dedicate 1% of our yearly revenue helping our Earth/

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?