How Small Companies Made it Big!

How Small Companies Made it Big!

How do small companies made it big? It is a question that is being commonly asked especially those business owners at starting level. What is the secret? The key is to best execute your plans for your business and that is about figuring out effective and efficient strategic plans that suits your business.

The products and services that you offer might be quite valuable to customers. If you sell a certain product to customers, may it be a piece of software or the like, you should also offer its “hardware” – the services. Sometimes this could hinder the process since others are still not that big to do it all.

Other business owners engage themselves to larger companies.

Here are list of small businesses that made it to top:

Facebook: When you think of Facebook, the words small business don’t immediately come to mind. But that’s exactly what Facebook was when it first started.
Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004. He created the website to both satisfy his appetite for hacking and create a way for college students to share ideas and information. We all know where Facebook is now — a $350 billion company — and most of us use it daily to connect with friends and family and promote our own small businesses.

Google wasn’t always the world’s leading search engine with an estimated value of $605 billion. It was started by two dudes in a garage. Larry Page and Sergey Brin recognized a need for a smarter search engine and went to work in 1996 . Now this tech giant has a worldwide presence, multiple products, and an awesome campus in California.

Did you know YouTube was started in a cubicle? That’s right. Chad Hurley and Steven Chen wanted a simpler way to share videos with friends online. This idea turned into one of the largest online companies, worth $40 billion and serving up more than a billion videos a day.
The Walt Disney Company
It’s hard to go even one day without seeing something from the Disney universe, but this entertainment juggernaut had humble beginnings. Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, started The Walt Disney Company in the back of a small Los Angeles apartment in 1923. Now Disney is a $92 billion company and brand that we simply can’t imagine life without.

Apple continually dazzles the world with technology so advanced it seems out of this world. But it’s beginnings were very down to earth: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched their tech giant in a garage. Beginning with a simple computer, the pair refined their products, eventually developing the devices many of us use — and love — on a daily basis.

Can you imagine life without Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping? Due to the hard work of Jeff Bezos, we don’t have to. Bezos started the online retailer by shipping books out of his garage. As the dotcom world continued to grow and innovate, so did Bezos. Now Amazon is a $292 billion company.

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