Understanding Your Audience : Customer Experience

Understanding Your Audience : Customer Experience

Understanding your customers is the key to building a good relationship with them. To achieve a good relationship with your customer, you must give them what you offer. Excellent customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you would know their needs and wants and exceed their expectations.

Understanding customers is a hard thing to do. You need to be attentive, to do whatever they say, whenever they need.  By achieving this, you can gain their loyalty,  they will also be more likely tp do some marketing by word of mouth.


Steps To Understand Your Customers


Here are some ways to help you understand your customers.


  • Putting yourself in their shoes.

Having a great understanding with your customers requires you to take hard actions. Things like phone calls, correspondence, scheduling meetings, and visits are great examples. If you fail to return their calls or attend such meeting and visits, then you are in state of losing customers. After all, customers want you to give what you have promised and exceed their expectations.


  • Profile your customers.

Profiling your customers involves a description of your customers that includes their attitude or characteristic, behavior, and their location. You can group them based on their location, age, gender, and their preferences. By doing this, you may get a clue on how your products and your services may meet or exceed their expectations.


  • Ask your customers about their opinions.

You can conduct a customer satisfaction survey to know what they think about the products and services that you offer. When you have done some improvements, you can inform your customers what you have done as a result of their feedback.


A good customer contact technique allows you to listen to your customers and tell them more about your products and services.


  • Conducting market research.

You can collect the data on your existing customers to identify trends and patterns. This could help you motivate customers to take advantage of your products and services.

There are several ways you can conduct marketing research to understand your customers:

  • Set up customer surveys or feedback forms.
  • Giving away free sample to customers and asking for their feedback.
  • Use mystery shoppers.
  • Monitor online reviews and forums.
  • Understand customer behaviour in your industry. This is important when looking at the factors that may influence your customers buying behaviour and when benchmarking against your competitors. One of the best ways to understand your customers is to communicate with them. Ask for their feedback and ways that you can improve your business products or services to better meet their needs.




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