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Who We Are

Sly Nerds, who?

We are Sly Nerds and we offer Website Design and Digital Marketing service. We navigate through trends and get your business where it wants and needs to be. Amplifying your reach is our goal, and we make it all possible with an amazing team working behind the scenes.

We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results, all while holding our values close.


Put People First

We believe that consumers are the very core of every business. To reach the tippy-top we must solidify our foundation; the consumer and the organization.


Pursue Excellence​

We seek to improve our performance consistently and continuously. To give our best to our clients, we enrich, unlearn, and move forward with the experiences we’ve gained.  


Act With Integrity

We pride ourselves in staying true to our vision and virtues and aligning our actions with what we stand for.



You should always be able to trust the people you work with. Whether you need someone to deliver good or bad news, we will always be honest with you.


Embrace Change

Change comes with evolution, In order to meet your expectations, we mold ourselves to the team you want us to be, by offering you variety and diversity.


Accountability Is Key

If nobody is held accountable, then we would be in a world of disarray. Our tenant of being accountable plays into both our work and personal lives.

Inside our office

While our team mainly works remote, we’re proud to call our home Las Vegas.
Our Office and Podcast Studio are located across the street from Town Square Las Vegas.

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?